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How to use call bomber?

Call bomber is easy to use,just follow the steps carefully-

1. Enter your victim number on the above form.

2. Enter the current key obtained from the telegram bot

3. Click on send button, then you will be redirected to another page

4. After 40 sec you will get a token, copy this token and put it in android app

5. Done ! Call will send automatically on your victim number from app.


What is call bomber?

Call bomber online sites have been created so access to call bomber is easy.
If you want to use call bomber in your phone you can use our fake call bomber apk to do so.
As per how to use call bomber, you can read the instructions for the call bomber down below.
Turbo call bomber is a call bomber apk used to do miss call.

How to get access key

1. Click on access-key button, it will open a telegram bot for you.
2. Click on the start button and join all giveng channels.
3. After joining all channels click on joined button then click on access key button.
4. Done ! You can see current access key.